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Artist Jaya King standing in front of colorful mural in Sacramento, Jaya's Art.

Jaya King

Jaya King is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Sacramento, California. She is known for creating dramatic texture and movement in both her acrylic and encaustic abstract and semi-abstract artworks. Her dynamic paintings marry the balance of technique while pushing the boundaries of texture and color. 

In addition to her studio work Jaya has taught for 15 years in her own teaching practice.  Pre-pandemic, Jaya’s painting workshops gave her students the opportunity to grow as artists and express their individuality. In 2020 Jaya pivoted her classroom online and is finalizing her e-book on color harmony.  She continues to lecture on painting technique, personal growth and exploration through art.


She pushes the boundaries of her artistic practice with her dynamic community and commercial murals. She has worked with non-profits, development agencies, the City of Sacramento, and the Department of Transportation (Caltrans).  Her mural work frequently involves collaborating with and activating underserved communities. Jaya's most recent project in Summer of 2023 was leading a community mural project beautifying the 21st avenue underpass, a 4600 square foot stretch linking the South Oak Park and North City Farms neighborhoods. 


Currently, Jaya is continuing her Skyscape collection and building a body of work for her solo show at the Pence Gallery in 2024.  She is a Gloria Burt Sacramento Region Art Fellow and is represented by the Hayden Arts Agency.  Her artwork is in the permanent collections at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA and the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, NM.

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