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Press & Media

A collection of my favorite interviews, podcasts, and news stories.

Coming in October...

With Phillip Hernandez

Art Everywhere Podcast

October 1, 2023

Uli: In this episode we talk about her origin story, becoming a mural queen and rolling with the universe!

With Uli Smith

Talk Arty To Me Podcast

September 5, 2023

Murals. Mixed-Race Me. Code Switching. B&W Portraits. Nomadic Art Collectives.

With Gabriel Lopez

Have A Dope Day Podcast

August 1, 2022

News interview on site at the underpass describing the project.

With Ashley Williams

Good Day Sacramento

June 19, 2023

21st Tapestry and Clean CA grant article highlighting community paint day.

21st Ave Paint Day

Sacramento Bee

July 9, 2023

Evening news coverage showcasing the 21st Tapestry underpass mural and our community paint day.

21st Ave Paint Day


July 9, 2023

Some Jaya backstory and my recent experience painting the Wellspring mural.

With Eddie Walker

Epiphany Magazine #6

November 1, 2022

Behind the scenes with the CLTRE mural highlighting my team.

With Eddie Walker

Epiphany Magazine #12

May 1, 2023

Interview describing the 21st Tapestry mural project's community paint day.

With Vicki Gonzalez

Cap Radio / Insight

June 27, 2023

Instagram short story by Cap Radio's Andrew Nixon.

With Andrew Nixon

Cap Radio

July 3, 2023

6 minute artist talk describing the design process behind the 21st ave underpass mural.

Artist Talk

21st Tapestry

March 7, 2023

My Art. My Murals. Myself.

Artist Talk

In the Studio & On the Wall

March 9, 2022

Sac State Scholars / Sac Public Art Archive interview documenting my 1st mural and art process.

With Natalie Showers and John Abrajano

Sacramento State

November 13, 2020

An article highlighting my classroom pivot in 2020.

With Camille Wall

American Women Artists

December 1, 2020

Driven To Be Fearless. An article showcasing my first Wide Open Walls mural.

With Jamila Khan

Sacramento 365

August 3, 2018

Interview part 1 of 2 . My encaustic studio practice. Roller skates.

Part 1

Sacramento 365

August 8, 2018

Interview part 2 of 2. Working my first Wide Open Walls mural.

Part 2

Sacramento 365

August 16, 2018

Article about my encaustic black and white series and horse painting process. E-zine available for purchase.

Encaustic Arts Institute

Encaustic Arts Magazine

December 1, 2017

Fun interview in my encaustic studio.

With Ariane Datil

ABC 10

December 8, 2017

Article about my encaustic beginnings in Sacramento.

With Jessica Laskey

Sacramento Magazine

November 1, 2017

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