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For Residential and Commercial Murals

Commission a Mural

Community mural process and pricing are unique to each project scope.

Feel free to reach out with your community mural project and we can start a conversation.  


Reach out to me on my contact page and fill out as much info as you can, it's ok if you don't have all the answers or need to approximate


After I receive your inquiry we'll set up a free consultation to talk about your project. We'll chat about your timeline and budget, as well as mural mood, imagery, and style.  Referencing any of my previous murals and/or artwork is incredibly helpful to get an idea of what you are looking for


I'll send a quote/proposal based on our conversation including visuals illustrating desired mood, imagery, and style.  You choose if you'd like to move forward with the project


I'll send you a contract outlining all points discussed and an invoice for 50% deposit


Once contract is signed & deposit is paid mural design officially begins as well as project timeline


l'll send a mock-up of the design for your review, 1 round of revisions is included


After the design is approved the fun part begins and painting commences


Once the mural is completed the 50% final invoice is due 


Collaborating with Jaya as she conceived, planned, and created our stunning wall mural at Wellspring Women’s Center has been such a joyful experience. Not only is she extraordinarily prepared, professional, and a mega-talented artist, she is just a whole lot of fun to work with! Our mural depicting the beauty, strength and love of Wellspring’s women and children has already become a source of pride and nurtures a feeling of belonging at our Center.

~ Missy Kinder, Art Program Coordinator, Wellspring Women’s Center

The average cost of a mural ranges from $25–$45/ sq. ft. of the area being painted, with a $1,500 minimum.  

The cost above includes the cost of insurance, materials, design, labor and equipment for the mural project. Unless otherwise requested, the paint used will be high commercial quality, interior/exterior grade paint.

It does not include general repair and preparation of the wall (i.e.. cleaning, masonry work, priming, etc.) or clear coating of the wall after painting.  

It does not include out-of-town travel costs.

Mural costs vary based on the following factors:

  • Complexity of design (i.e. amount of detail, number of colors, style, size, etc.)

  • Level of involvement of project (i.e. increased admin time including meetings, site visits, travel time, assistant artist fees etc.)

  • Equipment and Permitting Needs (i.e. scaffolding, lift, sprayers, encroachment permits etc.)

  • Timeline (i.e. short turnaround)

  • Quality of Materials used (i.e. spray paint, latex paint)


The design for the mural begins after receiving a deposit of 50%.  The digital design mock up is usually created through Procreate (a digital design tool). This deposit covers the cost of 1 round of revisions to the initial design. This deposit is non-refundable but will be credited towards the cost of the overall painting after a design is decided upon.  

Uh oh...change your mind mid-project? 


It can happen and it is important to know what this decision can cost.  Any design change post-approval or additional time in based on these changes or otherwise outside the original scope of work will be billed at a rate of $200/hour.  It is important to know that additional costs that will be added to the final invoice may include redesign and consultation time, time to re-purchase any new paint colors as well as the cost of the new paint, wall time repainting.  These costs will be in addition to the final 50% due upon completion of the mural.  The other options are to continue with the original scope of work with no changes or to cancel the project and I retain the 50% deposit.

Once we’ve discussed the size and complexity of your design and project I can better determine the overall cost.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out and I look forward to beginning our conversation.

MURAL PRICING: How much does it cost?

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