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Acrylic Skyscapes 1

Acrylic Skyscapes 1


2023 Collection

Skyscapes are a continual series. This collection is from 2023.

The impermanence of skyscapes will be a lifelong inspiration. Capturing that flashing moment of aerial grandeur is an opportunity to touch the untouchable. For me, painting skies is an opportunity to step out of my own head and focus on the play of color, light and shadow. I forget my own grounded day-to-day and lose myself in pure expression. This proved to be more necessary than anticipated when I began this collection in 2020. Being able to “escape” to my skyscapes allowed me to find breathing room in what felt like a year gasping for air. Within this collection of artworks I see visages of my 2020, an autobiography of where my head was. For me, these skies are not merely interpretations of nature. They are an expression of myself through nature.

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